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After Gailon Arthur Joy and Bob Pickle reported in late 2006 on Danny Shelton's cover up of the child molestation allegations against Tommy Shelton, Danny Shelton started threatening to sue.

Even though the First Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees freedom of press, speech, and religion, Danny Shelton and 3ABN filed suit on April 6, 2007, in U.S. District Court in the District of Massachusetts. This litigation spawned additional cases in Massachusetts, Minnesota, Michigan, and Illinois.

Just in 2007 alone, 3ABN paid the two main law firms involved in these suits more than $752,000. Depending on your point of view, paying for Danny Shelton's personal vendetta was donations to 3ABN well spent, or a total waste.

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On June 20, 2011, Alex Walker, whom Tommy Shelton has admitted abusing, filed suit against 3ABN and Tommy in federal court in Chicago. As a courtesy to our readers, we provide the public documents from that case here and here.

Main Case

D.Mass. Case No.: 07-cv-40098

Misc. Cases
(Out-of-District Subpoenas)

D.Mn. Case No.: 08-mc-00007
W.D.Mi. Case No.: 08-mc-00003
S.D.Ill. Case No.: 08-mc-00016
D.Mass. Case No.: 08-mc-40019

Adversary Proceeding

Bankr.D.Mass. Case No.: 07-ap-04173
D.Mass. Case No.: 08-cv-40090

Appeals Cases

U.S. Sup. Ct. Case No.: 11-312

1st Cir. Case No.: 08-2457
1st Cir. Case No.: 09-2615

Walker v. 3ABN

N.D.Ill. Case No.: 11-cv-04177
S.D.Ill. Case No.: 12-cv-00114

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